Pane e Olive
  1. Olive miste £2.95
    Mixed olives
  2. Pane a Cassa £2.95
    Warm homemade bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  3. Focacia Aglio £4.65
    Warm garlic pizza bread. Add a Mozzarella for £1.00
  4. Focacia Aglio Cipolla £5.95
    Warm garlic pizza bread with mozzarella and caramelized onions)
  1. Tricolore £5.95
    Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, avocado, basil drizzled with olive oil
  2. Bruscheta £4.95
    Fresh and sun - dried tomato, red onions, basil and buffalo mozzarella on warm ciabatta bread
  3. Funghi al Forno £5.65
    Baked mushrooms stuffed with goats cheese, spinach and breadcrumbs in garlic butter served with rockets and garlic ciabatta
  4. Calamari Friti £6.75
    Deep fried squid with aioli mayo dip
  5. Calamari Piccante £6.95
    Pan - fried squid with red chili, garlic in pomodoro sauce on a bed of rockets served with garlic ciabatta
  6. Cozze Cremosi £5.95
    Mussels in a creamy white wine sauce served with homemade bread
  7. Arancini £6.15
    Risotto balls with spinach, mushrooms and buffalo mozzarella in golden breadcrumbs served with spicy pomodoro sauce and rockets
  8. Pollo Fritto £5.95
    Deep fried breaded chicken strips served with rocket and youghurt sauce
  9. Gamberoni al Forno £ 7.50
    King prawns cooked in the oven with garlic, chili and butter served with rockets and garlic ciabatta
  10. Antipasto for one £ 7.15 or two £ 11.95
    Italian meat selection, bufallo mozzarella, tomato, mixed olives with homemade bread
  11. Aubergine Vegetariano £5.95
    Oven baked aubergine stuffed with red onions, peppers, avocado, olives, garlic and topped with buffalo mozzarella
  12. Sharing board for two £12.50 or for four £22.95
    Calamari fritti, funghi al forno, bruscheta and arancini served with homemade bread
  1. Fillet of Sea Bass £13.95
    Pan fried fillet of sea bass with green beans, roasted new potatoes in homemade white wine sauce
  2. Petto d'anatra £15.50
    Duck breast in red wine sauce served with mash potatoe and green beans
  3. Salmon alla Griglia £14.50
    Pan fried fillet of salmon in creamy lemon - dill sauce served with roasted new potatoes and green beans
  4. Pollo e Parma £ 12.50
    Chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham served with roasted new potatoes and green beans in homemade white wine sauce
  5. Pollo Milanese £12.95
    Breaded chicken breast topped with mushrooms, peppers and mozzarella cheese served with chips and salad
  6. Bistecca d'occhio £19.99
    Charcoal grilled 9oz Rib - eye steak served chips, salad and homemade peppercorn sauce
  7. Salmon Parmigiano £14.95
    Fillet of salmon topped with green pesto and parmesan crust served with mixed salad and sauteed potatoes
  8. Pollo Spiedini £12.95
    Charcoal grilled marinated chicken skewers served with sauteed potatoes and mixed salad
  9. Lamb Shank £14.95
    Oven roasted lamb shank in rosemary and mint gravy served with mash potatoe and broccoli)
  1. Chicken Caesar £9.15
    Chicken fillet, cos lettuce, croutons, parmesan shavings in classic Caesar dressing
  2. Goats cheese £10.95
    Mixed salad, roasted peppers, red onion, toasted pine nuts topped with grilled goats cheese and caramelized onions on ciabatta bread in homemade dressing
  3. Chef Salad £9.50
    (Mixed salad, tomatoes, avocado, peppers, cucumber, bleack olives, red onions, croutons and parmesan shavings) add extra tuna £1.50 or chicken breast £2.50
  1. Spaghetti Bolognese £9.25
    Traditional Italian Spaghetti with homemade bolognese sauce
  2. Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare £12.95
    Spaghetti pasta with clams, squid, mussels and king prawns in creamy pomodoro sauce
  3. Tagliatelle Verdure £9.50
    Tagliatelle pasta with zucchini, peas, green beans in pomodoro sauce
  4. Tagliatelle al pesto £10.95
    Crispy panceta, peas and mushrooms in green pesto sauce
  5. Penne e Pollo al Forno £10.95
    Oven baked penne pasta with chicken, mushrooms, and spinach in a creamy mascarpone sauce finished with parmesan shavings
  6. Penne Pesto Rosso £10.25
    Penne pasta with chicken, red pesto, spring onions and chili in a cream fraiche sauce topped with parmesan
  7. Gnocchi al Forno £10.95
    Oven baked potatoes pasta with peas, red onions and crispy pancetta in a creamy pomodoro sauce finished with parmesan shavings served with side salad
  8. Beef Lasagne £9.85
    Egg pasta sheets layers with homemade beef ragu topped with parmesan, served with side salad
  9. Linguini e Gamberoni £11.75
    Linguini pasta with king prawns, garlic, chili in rich tomato sauce and fresh rocket
  10. Spaghetti Carbonara £9.95
    Spaghetti pasta with crispy pancetta in a creamy, egg yolk and parmesan sauce
  1. Margaritta £7.15
    Mozzarella, pizza sauce, basil
  2. Pepperoni £8.95
    Mozzarella, pizza sauce and pepperoni
  3. Bella Napoli £10.65
    Mozzarella, pizza sauce, parma ham, mushrooms, cherry and sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and spinach
  4. Carne £11.50
    Mozzarella, pizza sauce, Italian salami selection, pancetta and red onions
  5. Piccante £10.50
    Mozzarella,pizza sauce, chicken, pancetta, mushrooms, roasted peppers and chilis
  6. Pollo e Parma Calzone £11.25
    Mozzarella, pizza sauce, Chicken, pepperoni, Parma ham, black olives, mushrooms served with side salad
  7. Quatrro Formaggi £10.85
    Pizza sauce, grated mozzarella, gorgonzola, goats cheese and buffalo mozzarella
  8. Buffalo e Avocado £9.50
    Mozzarella, pizza sauce, buffalo mozzarela, avocado, black olives, peppers topped with fresh rockets
  9. Napoletana £9.95
    Mozzarella, pizza sauce, pepperoni, chili, roasted peppers, red onions
  10. Mexicana £11.15
    Bolognese sauce, mozzarella, roasted peppers, red onions, chili, sweet corn and fresh garlic
  11. Toscana £10.25
    Mozzarella, pizza sauce, black olives, spinach,egg and parmesan
  12. Rucola £11.25
    Pizza sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, crispy pancetta, mushrooms, and fresh rockets
  13. Bianca £10.75
    Mozzarella cheese with double cream, chicken, pancetta, mushrooms, caramelized onions and fresh rocket
  1. Pollo e Funghi £10.75
    Chicken breast and mushrooms, thyme in a creamy sauce
  2. Vegetariano £10.25
    Zucchini, roasted peppers, sun dried, cherry tomatoes and re onions in rich pomodoro sauce
  3. Pescatore £12.95
    Clams, mussels, squid, king prawns in white wine pomodoro sauce; add chili if you like it hot
Roasted potatoes, Chips, Mixed salad, Tomato and onion salad, Green beans, Fried Zucchini, Broccoli £2.75 each
All prices includes VAT. Allergen menu available on request. All gratuities shared among the staff.
Please note that extra optional 10% service charge will be added on tables of eight and more.
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